The Department of Business Administration has the mission to promote the scientific knowledge and to serve the research and teaching in the field of Business Administration. The Department aspires to train new scientists who will be able to cope with the composite demands of the modern, dynamic and rapidly changing business environment by exploiting the knowledge and skills they acquire during their studies.

Why should I study Business Administration?

Studies in Business Administration provide a strong knowledge background and important skills in topics related to the organization of processes and procedures and the management of resources, that offer many opportunities for a successful career. The Business Administration bachelor degree can be considered as a “platform” degree on which graduates can build their professional and scientific careers. The Graduates of the Department can register to professional and scientific bodies, such as the Chamber of Commerce.

The Undergraduate Studies Program adopts the principles and applies the specifications of similar study programs all over the world, integrates the most modern developments in education and research in the field of business administration, and provides the option for specialization through the selection of a major and a minor field of study. It applies a student-oriented learning model that offers the possibility for specialization and flexible adaptation of the studies program to the needs and preferences of students.

Why should I study in the Department of Business Administration?

The Department of Business Administration provides a modern curriculum that adopts the latest trends in education and research in business administration:

  • ✔ The study program gives the opportunity to specialize in the following areas: a) Management and Marketing, b) Economics and Financial Management, c) Information Systems and Operational Research.
  • ✔ Students can choose a major and a minor field of specialization.
  • ✔ Students can design a curriculum that meets their preferences and needs through the selection of elective courses. The curriculum includes 39 elective courses in total, from which students choose 12.
  • ✔ The academic staff has extensive educational and research experience. The relationships between teachers and students are evaluated as excellent by the students.
  • ✔ A variety of pedagogical methods are used, in a flexible manner, taking into account the nature of the courses and the needs of the students.
  • ✔ The regular updating of the curriculum with the introduction of new courses, the revision of the learning material and the modernization of the educational methods ensures the curriculum remains at the edge.
  • ✔ The Department has excellent facilities (classrooms and laboratories) and operates in a large and green campus which is unique between Greek Universities.
  • ✔ The town of Serres has an intense youth ratio and appeal. It is located near the city of Thessaloniki and it is crossroad for traveling to the north (Bulgaria) and east (Turkey).

The Department of Business Administration provides three Graduate/ Master Programs: a) the Master in Business Administration, for students that wish to upgrade their knowledge in the subjects of Business Administration, b) the Master in Public Administration, for people who have or pursue a career in public sector organizations, and c) the Master in Hospitality and Tourism, for students who wish a career in the dynamic sector of tourism.

The Doctoral Program aims at students who want to perform high-level scientific research in that promotes the science in the field of business administration. As doctorate holders they will work as scientific staff in research centers, in the research departments of organizations and in academia.