Athanasenas Athanasios
(Laboratory Director)
Business Research and Economic Development
Office 13, Ground floor, Building D (Laboratories)
Vrana Vasiliki
Information Technology and the Internet in the Promotion of Services
Office 8, 2nd floor, Building A
Giovanis Nikolaos
Business Administration with focus on Labor Relations and Occupational Health and Safety
Office 6, Ground floor, Building D (Laboratories)
Dimitriadis Sotirios
Industrial Management with focus on Administrative Decision support systems
Office 11 (b), Ground floor, Building D (Laboratories)
Kehris Evangelos
(Laboratory Director, MSc Director)
Applied Informatics of Economic Direction
Office 11, Ground floor, Building D (Laboratories)
Kotzaivazoglou Iordanis
(Head of Department)
Communication and Public Relations
Office 12, 2nd floor, Building A
Mouza Anna-Maria
Management of Organizations with focus on the application of Quantitative Methods to Public Human Resources
Office 2, Ground floor, Building D (Laboratories)
Pantelidis Panagiotis
Financial Management and Costing
2nd floor, Building A
Paschaloudis Dimitrios
(Laboratory Director, MSc Director)
Behavioral Sciences in Business
Office 1, Ground floor, Building D (Laboratories)
Associate Professors
Karakitsiou Athanasia
Quantitative Evaluation and Optimization Methods in Supply Chain Positioning and Coordination
Office 3, Ground floor, Building D (Laboratories)
Tsourela Maria
Consumer Behavior using Information Technologies
Office 9, 2nd floor, Building A
Fragidis Garyfallos
(MSc Director)
Customer-Centric Approaches to Business Analysis and Design of Service Information Systems
Office 8, 2nd floor, Building A
Chapsa Xanthippi
Applied Econometric Analysis in Development and Convergence Economics
Office 9, 2nd floor, Building A
Assistant Professors
Karagiorgos Alkiviadis
Administrative Accounting and Cost Accounting
Building D (Laboratories)
Konstantinidis Christos
Competitive Strategies in Manufacturing Enterprises
Building D (Laboratories)
Economou Charalampos
Sports Management
Building D (Laboratories)