Structure of the Curriculum

The curriculum is organized in 8 semesters that require 4 years of studies and corresponds to 240 ECTS.

In the first two years of studies (semesters 1-4) all students take courses of general foundational knowledge (GFK) and specialized foundational knowledge (SFK).

In the third year of studies (5th semester) students decide for their major specialization/ concertation area by choosing from the following options:

  1. Management and Marketing.
  2. Economics and Financial Management.
  3. Information Systems and Business Research.

In the last two years of studies (semesters 5-8), students are taught additional courses of specialized foundational knowledge (SFK), which are mandatory for all students regardless of the specialization/ concertation, and specialization courses (SC) that derive from the three specialization/ concertation options.

In order to graduate and obtain the Bachelor Degree of Business Administration provided by our Department, students must attend and pass 50 courses in total, corresponding to 240 ECTS, of which:

  • 36 are compulsory courses of general foundational knowledge (GFK) and specialized foundational knowledge (SFK).
  • 2 are English Language courses (ELC)
  • 8 are elective courses from the same specialization/ concentration area that form the “major specialization” of the student.
  • 4 are additional elective courses that may form one or both of the rest specialization/ concentration areas in order to broaden the scope of studies (if they come from one specialization/ concentration area, then they form the “minor specialization” of studies).

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