Complaints Management

The Department has created a complaints and objections management process in order to learn about student complaints, strengthen its student-centered philosophy and improve continuously its functions.

The procedure applies to all type of complaints and objections the students may have and are related to the quality of educational and administrative services provided by the Department of Organization and Business Administration. It consists of the following steps:

  • The students fills in the “Complaint Submission Form” (available online) and submits it to the Secretariat, either on paper or online.
  • The Secretariat notifies the Head of the Department, as well as the student’s Academic Advisor.
  • The Head of the Department examines the problem and informs the competent body, which examines the complaint/objection and takes the appropriate measures to settle it.
  • The student is informed by the Secretariat about the progress and outcome of his complaint/objection.