The students can optionally execute an internship/ placement in order to gain professional experience. internship has 5 ECTS and takes the place of the 4th Free Elective Course. The internship lasts two months and can be carried out during the summer holidays between the third and fourth year of study, or after the fourth year of study but before obtaining a degree. The tasks of the student during the internship must be relevant to the studies in Business Administration and particularly relevant to the major concentration/ specialization of the student.

The purpose of the internship is the assimilation of knowledge, the acquisition of practical knowledge and the development of practical skills, and the development of entrepreneurial mindset and professional attitude. This way students will be better prepared for starting their professional career, taking responsibilities and managing problems that may arise in their work environment in the future.

For the successful completion of the internship, students are required to prepare a report in which they analyze various factors of the external (e.g. macro environment, industry/market) and internal environment (e.g. resources and capabilities) of the organization in which they worked. Also, they are asked to evaluate the knowledge they acquired and the skills/abilities they cultivated through the internship, as well as to make suggestions for the improvement of the organization in which they worked.