Learning Outcomes

The undergraduate study program aims to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • To develop knowledge and the general understanding of the theories of Business Administration.
  • To develop a managerial mindset that takes into account the international, technological, environmental and social dimensions of business functions, challenges and impacts.
  • To introduce students to the scientific methods and techniques used to analyze business problems and make managerial decisions.
  • To equip students with specialized knowledge and skills in order to manage effectively the contemporary issues and challenges faced by organizations and to conceive, plan and implement innovative actions and approaches.
  • To develop self-awareness, self-confidence, responsibility and integrity in students.
  • To help students decide for their particular educational needs and to enable them design their own learning paths through the selection of major and minor concertation of studies and elective courses.
  • To prepare students to establish new business ventures or for careers as self-employed or as managers in business companies and organizations of the public or the social sector of the economy.
  • To educate students who wish to continue their studies in postgraduate or doctoral level.

The particular knowledge, skills and capabilities that are developed in each course are described in the outlines of the courses.