Career Opportunities

The graduates of the Department are employed in all types and sizes of private and public sector organizations to work in their areas of expertise. They can progress through the entire spectrum of the administrative hierarchy. According to the experience and additional training they have accumulated, they have the following basic career opportunities:

  • As managers of private sector businesses and public sector and local government organizations, with tasks related to planning, organizing, guiding and controlling the administrative activities.
  • As business consultants in fields related to human resource management, communication and public relations, financial management, accounting and tax issues, market research and sales development, quality assurance, business research, production, information systems and new technologies, business planning and entrepreneurship, etc.
  • As members of research groups in the fields of business administration and economics.
  • As teachers at all levels of education.

The graduates of the Department have received the appropriate training to become entrepreneurs, by establishing their own business or taking over the management of the family businesses.

Some indicative rights of the graduates of the Department of Business Administration are the following:

  • They can register with the Greek Chamber of Commerce, in order to obtain a license to practice the economic profession, as well as an accountant-tax technician license.
  • They can be appointed to the public sector or to public organizations in the Administrative – Financial Branch.
  • They can become teachers in secondary education.