Mission of the Department

The mission of the Department is the advancement of science and education in the field of business administration and its sub-domains.

The purpose of the Department refers to the development of scientific knowledge in the field of business administration so that the following key objectives are achieved:

  1. The provision of high-quality education to students.
  2. The production of scientific knowledge.
  3. The support of the economic and social development at local, regional and national level.

The vision of the Department is to create a modern academic Department that promotes scientific knowledge and research in the field of Business Administration and contributes to the educational, research and economic development needs of the country. The Department aspires to train young scientists who will be able to cope with the complex demands of the modern, dynamic and rapidly changing business environment, utilizing the knowledge and skills they will acquire during their studies. The Department also aspires to contribute to the promotion of scientific knowledge and the economic and social development of the country.