Graduate Program in Tourism and Hospitality Management

The tourism sector is one of the most important, large and dynamic sectors in the world economy. In particular for Greece, which is a leading tourist destination, the contribution of tourism to the economy and the employment is enormous. Tourism is considered by many to be the most important sector of the Greek economy today and has the potential to be the main driver of growth, providing ample business opportunities as well as opportunities for employment and successful careers.

Tourism and hospitality management is extremely challenging, as it has to do with the delivery of high quality services, the development of experiences for the customer and complete satisfaction of the customer. In recent years, the field of tourism is constantly facing new demands posed by the changing attitudes and the growing customer needs, new technologies and the Internet, and a number of contemporary trends in relation to social, cultural and economic issues, such as the development of thematic tourism, alternative tourism, global strategic alliances, etc.

Carrying out specialized studies in tourism is a first-class opportunity for those who wish to pursue careers or develop entrepreneurial ventures in the tourism sector. The MSc in Tourism and Hospitality Management promises to introduce you to the most recent trends in tourism and prepare you for addressing the challenges in tourism operations. It will equip you with the necessary knowledge and help you develop the necessary skills for the management of tourist organizations and the development of successful careers in tourism.

The Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management addresses at university graduates who pursue a career in tourism and to employees and managers of tourism organizations who wish to advance and regenerate their career.

The Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management lasts three semesters of study, of which first two are didactic and the third refers to thesis development or internship. It yields 90 ECTS and awards the title «Graduate Diploma in the Management of Tourism and Hospitality Organizations».

The Graduate Program in Tourism and Hospitality Management is conducted online Since the academic year 2022-2023. The teaching starts at the end of October and ends in mid-April, so that it can be attended by employees and professional in tourism.

More information is given on the website of the Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management: