Quality Policy

The Department considers quality in education and research as a key concept that characterizes its study programs and governs all its practices aiming at the continuous improvement. The quality culture of the Department distinguishes all the members of academic, technical and administrative staff and permeates all the educational and research procedures.

The Quality Policy of the Department is aligned with the Quality Assurance Policy of the University and has been developed in accordance with modern international academic and research practices, aiming at high quality outcomes and continuous improvement. With the Quality Policy, the Department is committed to implementing quality procedures that will ensure:

  • The appropriateness of the curriculum.
  • Alignment of the curriculum with the suggestions of experts and external evaluators.
  • The development of learning outcomes and qualifications in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the National Qualifications Framework.
  • The improvement of the prospects and the increase of the competitiveness of the graduates in the labor market.
  • The promotion of quality and effectiveness in educational methods and practices.
  • The research and academic advancement of the academic staff.
  • The development and the improvement of the research outcomes of the academic staff.
  • The development of new and innovative methods for connecting teaching and research.
  • The improvement of the quality of services offered, including administrative and support services for the students.
  • Carrying out the annual evaluation report and the certification procedure.
  • The implementation of strategic development practices that support the achievement of the mission and the realization of the vision of the Department.