Graduate Program in Business Administration

The Graduate Program/ Master in Business Administration initiated its operation in 2010. It operates as a full-time and as a part-time study program, lasting three or five semesters respectively.

It includes two specializations: a) in Business Information Systems and b) in Costing and Auditing. Hence, the Master Program in Business Administration provides the opportunity of obtaining a graduate studies degree as such:

  1. Master in Business Administration.
  2. Master in Business Administration with specialization in Business Information Systems
  3. Master in Business Administration with specialization in Costing and Auditing.

Our intention is to prepare executives with professional attitude, knowledge and skills, who will be able to use the general principles of management science and modern approaches and tools in making decisions, solving business problems, managing effectively the business environment and innovating. In addition, we aspire to develop leaders, with distinct moral and professional values, with innovative mindset, visions and high goals, but also thoughtful, logical and realistic.

The Graduate Program in Business Administration is conducted online since the academic year 2022-2023.

The philosophy and the basic characteristics of the graduate program refer to the following:

  • The small number of students, whose selection is made with predetermined criteria and a strict evaluation process.
  • Modern teaching methods, adapted to the needs and the particular characteristics of the personality of our students, such as case studies, teamwork in small groups, lectures by distinguished speakers, etc.
  • The experienced educational staff from our Department and from other Universities or organisations of the private or public sector.
  • The rigorous structure of studies, that helps students pursue and achieve their educational, professional and personal goals.
  • The quality assurance procedures in all the aspects of the graduate program.

More information is provided on the website of the Graduate Program in Business Administration: