Karagiorgos Alkiviadis

Assistant professor at International Hellenic University since 2022, Karagiorgos Alkiviadis completed his doctoral studies in the Department of Business Administration, at Piraeus University. The title of his thesis was «A study on the Implementation of Activity Costing in the Services of Educational Institutions». His research interests are aimed at analyzing the costs in intangible assets, Knowledge Capital costing and the development of cost accounting systems in Greece. His publications include two journals, two honorary Volumes and many conference proceedings. As an undergraduate he was awarded the «Honorific Scholarship for Excellence in Studies and moral» for four consecutive years.
He was co-owner, executive manager and chief editor of «Karagiorgos Bros SA», an accounting and publishing of scientific writings firm. Regarding his administrative work he was a founding member, vice president and later deputy secretary of the International Organization ASECU Youth for Economic Cooperation Universities in Southeastern Europe and the Black Sea Region. He also served as Secretary of the Doctoral and Postgraduate students, Association of the University of Macedonia. During his Doctoral studies he was later elected as representative of doctoral and graduate students for the General Assembly for the Department of Business Administration at Piraeus University.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Scientific Field:
Administrative Accounting and Cost Accounting
Courses taught:
(Α05) Costing and Pricing, (Α08) Managerial Accounting, (Α11) Auditing, (102) Introduction to Accounting, (205) Financial Accounting
Building D (Laboratories)
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