Code Title Semester ECTS Units
Α01 Managerial Economics 5
Α02 Financial Analysis 5
Α03 Principles of Economic Thought 5
Α10 Topics in Accounting 5
Α04 Game Theory for Business 5
Α05 Costing and Pricing 5
Α06 Modern Topics in Greek Economy 5
Α07 Investment Project Analysis 5
Β01 Service Marketing 5
Β02 Integrated Marketing Communications 5
Β03 Social Media Communication 5
Β04 Organizational Behaviour 5
Β05 International Management and Marketing 5
Β06 Topics in Digital Marketing 5
Β07 Tourist Marketing 5
Γ01 Topics in Databases 5
Γ02 Website Design 5
Γ03 Introduction to Programming 5
Γ04 Procurement Management 5
Γ05 Supply Chain Optimization and Design 5
Γ06 Service Systems Design 5
Γ07 Business Process Analysis and Design 5
Α08 Managerial Accounting 5
Α09 Regional Economic Development 5
Α11 Auditing 5
Α12 Topics in Applied Statistics 5
Α13 Principles of Business Law 5
Β08 Management of SMEs 5
Β09 Leadership and Change Management 5
Β10 Management of Organizations 5
Β11 Consumer Behaviour and Social Media 5
Β12 Topics of Communication and Public Relations 5
Β13 Sports Management and Marketing 5
Γ08 E-Government 5
Γ09 Innovation and Technology Management 5
Γ10 Project Management 5
Γ11 Web Applications Development 5
Γ12 Business Intelligence and Analytics 5
Γ13 Topics in Operations Research 5
Κ01 Topics in Business 5
Κ02 Thesis 5