Service Marketing


  • Code: Β01
  • Semester:
  • Study Level: Undergraduate
  • Course type:
  • Teaching and exams language: Greek (English for Erasmus students)
  • The course is offered to Erasmus students
  • Teaching Methods (Hours/Week): Lectures (3)
  • ECTS Units: 5

Course Contents

  • Concept & definition of services.
  • Creating value in the service economy.
  • Understanding service consumers.
  • Positioning services in competitive markets.
  • Service classification systems.
  • Quality of services.
  • Customer service.
  • Development of services and brands.
  • Service pricing.
  • Marketing communication in the services.
  • Customer relationship management and building customer loyalty.
  • Improving the quality and productivity of services.
  • Case studies.

Educational Goals

The course is a basic course in the concepts of service marketing. The course material aims to investigate the dimension of marketing in the intangible world of services. The purpose is for the student to understand how some choices, strategies and tactics can lead a service business to profitability and success. It includes topics related to the strategic issues of service marketing, service quality, customer service, the importance of employees in service businesses, the organization of service production and service processes, and product portfolio management in services, with the pricing of services, with the creation of value in the service economy and with the design of service delivery processes.

Upon successful completion of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Distinguish between products, services, consumers and markets.
  • Manage customer interaction.
  • Develop customer relations.
  • Improve the quality and productivity of services.
  • Segment service markets.
  • Organize the distribution of services through physical and electronic channels.
  • Manage service pricing and revenue management.
  • Organize integrated service marketing communications.
  • Evaluate service delivery environments.

General Skills

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Teaching Methods

  • Face to face.

Use of ICT means

  • Online guidance.
  • Slides Projection in the classroom.
  • Use of E-mail and onlne communication systems.
  • Use of e-learning system (moodle).

Teaching Organization

ActivitySemester workload
Fieldwork or Project10
Personal Study33

Students Evaluation

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